Recycling old computers

So what is a slow PC? I'd say anything below about Passmark 1500.  As a comparison the best machine around now is based on the Intel Core i9-9960X @ 3.10GHz which has a passmark of around 30,000 ! Old, slow machines probably had Windows XP but if the passmark is above 500 then it's worth loading Windows 10 to give the machine a new lease of life. It will be a bit slow but if you treat it kindly it will be very useable for basics email, internet and document production. Forget any on-line games or video activity although iPlayer downloads will be fine. Here are some tips on getting the best out of Windows 10 on a slow machine.     - You probably don't want to shell out for an expensivel Windows 10 for an old machine but you can actually download a copy of Windows 10 from the Microsoft site and run it without activating it. You get nagged occassionally and loose a few features but nothing you can't live without. And there are workarounds anyway - search them out on the w